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Yellow Butterfly Dupatta Design

Yellow Butterfly Dupatta

Rs.5,499.00 PKRRs.4,399.00 PKR
An amazing dupatta adorned with flowers and butterflies. The combination of hues creates a lively and awesome look, it’s a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Golden sequins and glitter work add...
Shocking Pink Purple Floral Dupatta Design

Shocking Pink Purple Floral Dupatta

Rs.5,499.00 PKRRs.4,399.00 PKR
Introducing our Designer Dupatta in a lovely pink hue, adorned with a captivating floral pattern that adds a touch of grace and charm to any outfit. The delicate blossoms are...
White Multicolor Floral Dupatta Design

White Multicolor Floral Dupatta

Rs.9,499.00 PKRRs.7,599.00 PKR
Introducing our Designer Dupatta in pure white, where both borders flourish with a vibrant array of multi-colored flowers and leaves. The explosion of colors creates a lively and enchanting design,...
Blue floral leafy dupatta design
Best Seller

Blue floral leafy dupatta

Rs.6,999.00 PKRRs.5,599.00 PKR
Introducing our Designer Dupatta in a pristine white hue, adorned with a mesmerizing blend of blue flowers, leaves, and intricate blue circles overlay. The delicate interplay of colors creates a...
Beige Floral Dupatta Design

Beige Floral Dupatta

Rs.6,999.00 PKRRs.5,599.00 PKR
Introducing our Designer Dupatta in an elegant beige hue, featuring a delightful display of red flowers and leaves that intricately adorn the fabric. The subtle warmth of beige provides a...
Golden Cage Dupatta Design

Golden Cage Dupatta

Rs.7,499.00 PKRRs.5,999.00 PKR
Introducing our Designer Dupatta in a classic white hue, meticulously crafted to infuse your outfit with grace and charm. Delicate multi-colored flowers and leaves dance across the fabric, creating a...
Multi-color peach floral dupatta design

Multi-color peach floral dupatta

Rs.5,999.00 PKRRs.4,799.00 PKR
Introducing our stunning Multi-Colored Dupatta – a vibrant masterpiece adorned with delicately crafted flowers and leaves. The enchanting design is further elevated by an array of multi-colored sequins that catch...
Lilac ferozi pearl dupatta design

Lilac ferozi pearl dupatta

Rs.4,999.00 PKRRs.3,999.00 PKR
Elevate your style with our Lilac Floral Pearl Designer Dupatta. This exquisite piece features hand-painted ferozi flowers that gracefully complement the lilac backdrop. Adorned with lustrous pearls and intricate gotta...
Lilac floral leafy dupatta design

Lilac floral leafy dupatta

Rs.4,999.00 PKRRs.3,999.00 PKR
Introducing our Lilac Floral Leafy Designer Dupatta , A delightful fusion of nature's beauty and contemporary charm. The flowers and leaves create a captivating visual, while an assortment of sequins...
Pastel purple lotus dupatta design

Pastel purple lotus dupatta

Rs.19,999.00 PKRRs.15,999.00 PKR
Presenting our Pastel Purple Lotus Designer Dupatta. A visual masterpiece, delicately adorned with lotus print and an array of charming flowers, this dupatta blooms with elegance. It's further enriched by...
Mustard leaves dupatta design

Mustard leaves dupatta

Rs.5,499.00 PKRRs.4,399.00 PKR
Introducing our Mustard Designer Dupatta, This exquisite piece features a delicate print of multi-colored leaves. Enhanced with green and rust sequins, it radiates a touch of elegance and sparkle, making...
Pastel light Sea Green dupatta design

Pastel light Sea Green dupatta

Rs.8,999.00 PKRRs.7,199.00 PKR
Elevate your ensemble with our pastel light green organza dupatta. Adorned with vivid royal blue and pink floral motifs, it boasts intricate gutta work and shimmering green sequins. This piece...


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Discover the Beauty of Organza Designer Dupatta

These designer dupattas offer endless styling possibilities, whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or seeking to add a unique flair to your everyday attire. At Madiha Jahangir, we take pride in offering a selection of hand painted dupattas that exhibit the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Pakistan. Each handpainted dupatta is a masterpiece, intricately painted by talented artisans, showcasing motifs, floral patterns, and intricate detailing.

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The Craftsmanship of Pakistan Artisans

Embrace the charm of hand painted organza dupattas from Pakistan, adding an artisanal touch to your ensemble. Indulge in the finesse of craftsmanship as you explore the vivid palette and artistic strokes that adorn each piece. Our curated designer dupatta collection showcases the finest hand-painted and printed designs on luxurious organza fabric. Elevate your attire with the sheer elegance of organza dupattas, renowned for their lightweight feel and timeless appeal. Explore a variety of options, from delicate floral motifs to bold patterns in our range of organza dupatta designs.

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