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Light Blue 2 Piece – Lawn Suit - Unstitched

Light Blue 2 Piece – Lawn Suit - Unstitched

Rs.2,599.00 PKRRs.2,079.00 PKR
Light Blue lawn suit with a cool vibe, it gives the feel of a water splash and thecombination of purple, yellow, and green makes it funky. The dress is made...


Embrace your personal style with Madiha Jahangir
At Madiha Jahangir, we celebrate the beauty of women's fashion with our exquisite collection of unstitched clothes. Unleash your creativity and style with our premium unstitched fabric designed to accentuate your individuality.
Whether you are attending a festive event or looking for everyday elegance, our unstitched suits for women offer limitless possibilities.


Unstitched fabric for ladies

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Unstitched clothes are the epitome of fashion freedom. With our wide range of options, you can create your own signature look. From vibrant colors to delicate patterns, our collection is a treasure trove of inspiration. Choose from an array of different designs in high-quality fabrics that exude comfort, allowing you to feel confident and poised in any setting.

Embellishments with ladies unstitched clothes

No more hassle, only fashion with Madiha Jahangir
Finding the perfect embellishments to decorate your ensemble can be a bit difficult and tiring. Finding the perfect piece that takes your dress to another level can take a lot of time.
Madiha Jahangir has got you covered. We offer free embellishments with every unstitched suit for women.
These include hand-picked items like laces, tussles, beads, and other decorations to adorn your dress in the most perfect way.

Discover the Versatility of Unstitched Clothing

Madiha Jahangir is your destination for unstitched clothes for women. At Madiha Jahangir, we believe fashion should express your true self. Our unstitched clothing collection empowers you to create and embrace your personal style.
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