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Lush Palette Floral Dupatta

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Introducing our Designer Dupatta in a sophisticated peach color, adorned with a captivating floral pattern that adds a touch of grace to the dupatta. The delicate flowers are embellished with Golden gotta and shocking pink mirrors giving the piece an enchanting appearance. The dupatta seamlessly combines the vibrancy of peach hue with the sophistication of peach kiran lace. It’s a fabulous choice to give a glamorous touch to your ensemble.

Dupatta Fabric: Organza
Dupatta: 2.5 yards
Technique: Hand Painted
Color: Light Peach
Colors used in paint: Yellow, Orange, Green, shocking Pink

Embellishment: Golden Sequins and Kiran Lace


Please avoid ironing to prevent potential damage.

It is not recommended to wash designer dupattas in a washing machine.

Gently wash by hand using a mild detergent and lukewarm water.

There may be slight variations in the Design, Color of paint, or Sequin of the designer dupatta.


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